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Campaign “I WATCH OUT”

New Campaign for Raising Awareness of Traffic Safety “I WATCH OUT”

Given that humans are almost inadvertently prone to make mistakes and commit traffic violations, human behavior is of particular interest for most road safety professional debates. This is where our traffic safety campaign named “I WATCH OUT” comes in! 

On March 24, 2017, OKTA officially launched its new campaign called “I WATCH OUT” intended for raising awareness of traffic safety. In collaboration with the Ministry of Interior Affairs, which indisputably joined the campaign, every month will be dedicated to some of the most common traffic problems, such as, driving under the influence of alcohol, the necessity of protective helmets for motorcyclists, the use of a seat belt for the drivers, respect of the speed limits prescribed on traffic signs, use of child seats as well as adequate winter equipment. In addition, many public figures will take part in the monthly activities to help us expand our mission and enable as many citizens as possible to hear our message, our call for greater traffic safety. 

By donating educational traffic polygons to primary schools across the country, training, coloring books with traffic rules informative contents, organized show for children on traffic safety, the Campaign will also include the youngest participants in the traffic. As part of the campaign’s activities, awards will be given to the most conscientious drivers. 

With the campaign “I WATCH OUT”, we believe that by raising social awareness of the personal and collective traffic safety, we will contribute to creation of a sustainable culture for safer roads, thereby facilitating reduction in traffic violations and accidents that we witness daily.