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Corporate social responsibility

As part of the corporate strategy, OKTA is committed to respond and contribute in a meaningful way to the society where we work and live. Considering the fact that we are one of the biggest companies in the country, we believe that by using our resources and manpower we could contribute for the good of the whole community. We recognize the responsibility to be a good corporate citizen and therefore we are devoted to achieving tangible and measurable benefits for our employees, our customers and the wider society.
Our employees also have an important role in the socially responsible concept of the company, who often voluntarily initiate and engage in humanitarian activities.

In this context, the most significant initiatives of OKTA during 2016 are the following:

  • Successful completion of the national campaign "Chance for Life" initiated by OKTA in 2014. The company, as a major donation provider, initiated the campaign in order to raise awareness and improve the conditions of the Intensive Care Department at the Children's Clinic in Skopje, where prematurely born babies and children with health complications are admitted. The campaign was very well accepted by the public, through active participation with donations and support by thousands of citizens, companies and organizations.
  • Support of the Young Leaders Project, sponsoring male and female camps with the aim to empower young people from different social and ethnic backgrounds to become active leaders in the society, break down cultural barriers and encourage them to be contributing citizens in their communities.
  • Sponsorship for the International Symposium “Energetika 2016”, organized by ZEMAK, thereby promoting the development of young professionals in the field of science.
  • Participation of OKTA’s female team in the Women’s Race organized to raise awareness for women's health.
  • Support of cultural activities by sponsoring renowned music festivals such as OFFEST, Skopje Jazz Festival, Ohrid Summer Festival and Modoars.
  • Financial support for establishment of a Center for Autism in the Municipality of Aerodrom, initiated by the Association IN MY WORLD.
  • Support for the realization of the charity event World Picnic organized by FIC.
  • Donation of books for the library in the Municipality of Ilinden and various in-kind donations for facilitation of the municipal activities.
  • Support for the Junior Basketball Team of MKF.
  • Donation of fuel to the City of Skopje to enable a continuous operation of the machinery that was engaged in the area affected by the floods. In addition to this, OKTA donated financial means for procurement of essential products for the affected families. At the same time, the employees of OKTA voluntarily organized a humanitarian action to help their fellow citizens.
  • Donation for the organization of humanitarian race for support of people with rare Wilson's disease.
  • Marking the World Hunger Day, OKTA’s employees donated their meal tickets to the "Red Cross - Skopje" in order to provide food for the socially vulnerable families.
  • Donation of bicycles and helmets for the children in SOS Children’s Villages.
  • Donation of interactive whiteboards for the children with disabilities in the schools Idnina and Zlatan Sremec.
  • Blood donation activities organized by the “Red Cross” of OKTA three times annually within the premises of the company, where besides the employees and Management team, the residents from nearby villages also donate blood.