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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

It is especially important for us, to provide our customers with products that conform to the highest standards. Through strict procedures for quality control and advanced technological infrastructure, we guarantee the quality of the fuel that we offer. We run the maintenance of standards for fuel quality through the supply chain by performing a serious regime of testing, engaging an independent laboratory, as well as testing under the accredited laboratory of OKTA.

Our Quality Management System ensures operational consistency and transparency through all levels of management, from basic to associated processes and is governed by our 


OKTA’s Laboratory

Equipped with contemporary equipment, the laboratory of OKTA is the first one in the country that is accredited by the international EN ISO/IEC 17025. The laboratory conducts analyses according to globally recognized standards and methods such as EN, ISO, ASTM and IP, and it holds 53 accredited methods. Besides testing the quality of fuel, the laboratory is equipped to carry out analysis of other fluids such as lubricants, water and the like.

Since 2006 when it received the first certificate of accreditation by the Institute for Accreditation in our country (IARM), the laboratory is regularly acquiring new reassessment. According to Proficiency Testing Scheme – interlaboratory comparisons organized by the Institute for interlaboratory studies from the Netherlands, the laboratory OKTA is continuously receiving excellent results for professional performance of laboratory tests.

Operating independently, OKTA’s laboratory provides services for laboratory analysis for external companies and governmental institutions in the country and the region.