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The Group

Hellenic Petroleum is a dynamic group that plays an important role in the energy development in Greece and in the wider region of Southeast Europe.

Its gradual transformation from a petroleum to an energy force is accompanied by international activities, expansions and alliances, but also from a development program with selected profitable investments in new sectors.

The range of its activities includes:
  • Supply, refining and marketing of petroleum products in Greece and abroad.
  • Retail trade of petroleum products in Greece and abroad.
  • Production and marketing of chemical/petrochemical products.
  • Exploration and production of hydrocarbons.
  • Production and marketing of electricity and natural gas.
  • Production and marketing of renewable energy sources.
  • Provision of studies and technical services for technical projects related to hydrocarbons.
  • Participation in the transportation of crude oil and products (pipelines, shipping).
Over the last five years, the Group has implemented an investment program worth approximately 3 billion euros, which includes the completion of the largest private industrial investment in Greece, that is, the modernization and upgrading of the Elefsina refinery. The new refinery essentially supports the profitability of the Group, while providing multiple benefits to the environment, employment and the national economy.

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