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Health, Safety and Environment

  • Work health and safety
The constant care for the health and safety of the employees, contractors, and local population is a top priority of the company. Besides following the highest standards in this field, we have placed measurable indicators on a monthly and annual basis, which enable statistical monitoring and analyzing of all incidents. In order to reach a higher safety level and improve the cautionary measures, we constantly organize trainings in the field of health, safety, environment and FHP. For our employees we provide preventive health examinations with a certain dynamic in accordance with the evaluated risk of the work place as defined in the Work Place Risk Evaluation with the Statement of Safety. Moreover, we have established a reciprocal communication with the employees who provide their suggestions for improving the safety.

Fire protection
OKTA has a professional firefighting unit within its framework, which has two firefighting vehicles at its disposal as well as personnel always ready to act in case of emergencies. The firefighting unit carries out all preventive measures for fire and explosions protection, in accordance with the legal obligations as well as the nature of the line of work.

  • Environmental protection
OKTA displays its care for the environment by constantly investing in projects to upgrade its installations, and increased control on its environmental footprint.

Air emissions monitoring
In order to decrease the air emissions, the company has invested in a number of significant projects:
- OKTA is the first company to install the system for eliminating the emission of volatile organic compounds. By installing the vapor recovery unit (VRU), as well as upgrading the truck bottom loading installation, we have significantly decreased the fugitive emission of volatile organic compounds into the air.
- We have recently finalized the Project for installing steam production boilers with a power output of 2.2MW – which have significantly reduced the air emissions.

Waste management
OKTA treats all types of waste (industrial, commercial and communal) in accordance with the legal obligations which means selecting, mapping, and handing over the waste to an authorized firm for further procedure.
The waste from the cleaning the sludge pools of the water treatment station is carried out, processed/removed in Greece, in accordance with the Basel Convention and other international regulations for waste treatment, and in close collaboration with the Ministry and Inspectorate for Environment and Physical Planning.

Water management
The water management includes constant monitoring and inspecting the quality of the treated waste water (which passes through the water treatment station), the ground waters and the technical water. In accordance with the legal obligations, external accredited laboratories take samples and analyze the waste water from the treatment station as well as the technical water, and they are also analyzed in OKTA’s laboratory.
OKTA has piezometers installed at its locations in order to monitor the quality of the ground waters, which are then analyzed by a specialized accredited laboratory.