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17 new interns in OKTA

17 new interns in OKTA
(Skopje, 01.04.2015) – 17 new students are part of the new round of OKTA’s Internship Program. The candidates in their last year of studies or on Master’s studies,  are chosen from ten faculties that are close and relevant to the operational sectors and activities of OKTA, the Faculty of Economy, the Law Faculty, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, the Faculty of Technology, the Natural Sciences Faculty - Chemistry Department, the Construction Faculty, the Faculty for Security, the Philological Faculty, as well as the Private University American College.

“OKTA is part of an international group, where the young recruits can gain significant experience and knowledge. This practice will enable them to easily face the new challenges they will encounter in their further career development. In parallel the new, fresh ideas and creativity are the main reason why we are continuing with the Internship Program in OKTA. From the previous two rounds of this successful program we are extending the engagement of four interns that proved their skills, knowledge and readiness to work”, said Ioannis Geroulanos, Chief Executive Director of OKTA.

The Internship Program is part of the collaboration between OKTA and the higher education institutions in the country which develops continuously. The engagement of the students is with 3 months duration, for the period of which they will be involved full-time in the operation processes of OKTA. The company provides transportation and food for the intern during the internship, as well as additional financial award. Their employment in the company is mentored with professional approach by the departments’ managers.

With this Program, the company is implementing the policy for rejuvenating its personnel while at the same time, it gives opportunities to young, educated students to gain substantial working experience in a multinational company, enabling the students to qualify better in their further professional career and to position themselves successfully in the labor market.