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A drill for managing large-scale incidents was organized in OKTA

The company possesses relevant resources, trained personnel and thorough emergency response plan.

(Skopje, 15.10.2015) – Quick reaction and successful handling with fire and an incident from a larger scale is the outcome of the predicted scenario for an interactive operative-tactical crisis management drill, conducted by OKTA. In the drill were involved the professional firefighting unit and the general unit from OKTA, a firefighting team from Kumanovo, the firefighting unit from the Airport Alexander the Great, the firefighting aviation of the Direction for Protection and Rescue, as well as the medical personnel from the polyclinic Neuromedica and the Red Cross of the City of Skopje.
“Each company, in accordance to the legal duties, is obliged to organize protection and rescue of its employees, property and its surrounding, in the framework of its business process. For that purpose, a full concept for crisis management has been developed in OKTA, which enables avoiding and minimizing the risks, as well as undertaking preventive and operative measures for protection and rescue. Having the safety as our priority, in OKTA we are paying special attention to the regular testing of the plan and the system for protection and safety, in order to enable its constant improvement and readiness for a prompt answer in emergency situations”, stated the Chief Executive Director of OKTA, Ioannis Geroulanos.
The scenario of today’s drill envisioned an extreme situation, fire in a reservoir in which gasoline is stored, with a tendency and hazard of fast spreading in the direction of the remaining reservoirs. The high level of risk in the tank park implies the need of a broad action, in which were involved OKTA’s forces for protection and rescue, the units from the state institutions as well as the companies from the first surrounding zone.
“The goal of conducting such interactive operative-tactical drills on the safety and protection systems is evaluation of their functionality, coordination of all relevant factors for handling incidents and ensuring fast and effective intervention. The drill has confirmed that the company has relevant resources available, trained personnel and well developed concept for managing with more complex forms of danger”, said Zoran Dorevski, Manager of the Security in OKTA.