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A New Group of Interns Will Upgrade Their Skills in OKTA

A New Group of Interns Will Upgrade Their Skills in OKTA

(Skopje, 04.04.2016) - A new group of interns were given the chance to practically apply their theoretical academic knowledge to actual working tasks as part of the internship program in OKTA. The company has already been implementing the internship program for several years in order to help young people to develop themselves as professionals and become competitive in the labor market.

"OKTA has remained committed to supporting the educational process in the country, offering an opportunity for young professionals to develop their academic knowledge through internship in an international company. Our experience has shown that the internship program is a great way for students to decide whether a particular industry or profession is the right option in which they would develop their professional career. By performing specific working tasks under the supervision of professionals, in OKTA the interns develop their personal and professional skills and have the opportunity to experience the rhythm of the working day in a dynamic atmosphere.” said Ioannis Geroulanos, Chief Executive Officer of OKTA.

During this program, interns will be engaged in tasks that suit their educational profile, over a period of 3 months, working full-time, and their practical education will be supervised by mentors.

The selection of candidates takes place in several cycles in which the results achieved during the academic education are taken into consideration as well as their enthusiasm, ambition and desire to be promoted and to build a successful career.

The internship program is part of the cooperation of OKTA with the higher education institutions in the country that has taken place for several years. In the last cycle, the candidates were selected from several state and private universities which are close to the operational processes and activities of the company.