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Announcement to the shareholders of OKTA AD - Skopje

Announcement to the shareholders of OKTA AD - Skopje

Dear shareholders of OKTA AD - Skopje,

In accordance with the Decision for payment of dividend and determining the dividend calendar, enacted on the 30th annual meeting of the Assembly of Shareholders of OKTA AD - Skopje that took place on 02.06.2020, OKTA AD - Skopje will make a dividend payment, starting from 24.07.2020, for the shareholders who will submit the necessary documents for the realization of the payment. 

In this prospect, we kindly ask you to submit all the necessary documents, no later than 10.07.2020, as follows:

For shareholders - individuals:
Copy of your personal ID;
Copy of your bank account to which your dividend will be distributed.

For shareholders - legal entities:
Current condition of the company, not older than six months;
Copy of your bank account to which your dividend will be distributed.

We kindly ask all non-resident shareholders of OKTA AD - Skopje, for the purpose of distribution of the dividend, to provide to OKTA AD - Skopje the following documents:

Legal entities:
1. Registration form of the Company issued by  the authorized body;
2. Certificate of residence issued by the authorized body.

1. Copy of passport (the first two pages where your credentials are presented);
2. IBAN and SWIFT code for the respective account on which the dividend will be distributed.

The personal income tax will be paid to the Public Revenue Office by OKTA AD - Skopje.
The documentation required from the legal entities should be provided in original by the postal office. 

For OKTA AD - Skopje to be able to start the procedure for dividend payment, according to the local regulation (for foreign legal entities and individuals, OKTA AD - Skopje must provide tax numbers from the Public revenue office), all documents should be received in OKTA no later than 10th July 2020

According to the latest protective measures against COVID-19, please submit your documents by 
e-mail at or via postal office on the address: 

OKTA AD - Skopje
1 Str. 25 Miladinovci, P.O. Box 66, 1000 Skopje 
Republic of North Macedonia 

Thank you for the understanding and your cooperation.

For any additional information or question, please contact:

Aleksandar Kapetanovski
Telephone: +389 (0) 2 2532 540

Best Regards, 
OKTA AD - Skopje