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With “Chance for Life” by OKTA, The Intensive Care Department at the Children's Clinic is Equipped

With “Chance for Life” by OKTA, The Intensive Care Department at the Children's Clinic in Skopje is Equipped

(Skopje, 25.03.2016) – Thanks to the campaign “Chance for Life” by OKTA, The Intensive Care Department at the Children’s Clinic in Skopje received new equipment. The latest of several donations that were being conducted within the campaign consists of apparatus for phototherapy of newborns, sets for normal breathing of newborns, vacuum aspirators and probes for pulsoksymeters. During the campaign that lasted for nearly two years, a new incubator and baby term were purchased, and servicing of three existing incubators, aspirators and perfusors was provided. The donated medical equipment has significantly contributed towards improvement of the condition in the Intensive Care Department, and thus increased the capacity for reception of babies who are born with complications.

“Two years ago we initated a campaign by which we wanted to provide help where it was needed the most. A campaign which aims at achieving beneficial solutions for the entire community. Today, judging by the number of citizens, companies and organizations that actively gave us their support, we are convinced that the initiative we decided to take, really made a difference. I can say that thanks to the support of the public, we managed to make a visible positive change and thus provide a real chance to the newborns from the Intensive Care Department. I would like to thank all who believed in our goal, because without the contribution of each one of you, the Campaign "Chance for Life" would not have been so successfully conducted. A special thanks goes to the director of the Clinic for Children’s Diseases, Mrs. Aspazija Sofijanova and her team for the trust and excellent cooperation during the campaign." stated the Chief Executive Officer of OKTA, Ioannis Geroulanos.

With this newest donation, the activities related to the campaign ended. During the past two years, “Chance for Life” received great support from the media in the country while more than 50 public figures joined, calling for action. The Campaign was followed by over 17,000 citizens on the social networks; also, 20 companies joined with their own donations in achieving this goal.

“On behalf of the Children's Clinic, I would like to express my gratitude to all who were part of this campaign. The initiative was started by the company OKTA, but it was accepted by the citizens and therefore we have a major change in the Intensive Care Department of Health at the Children's Clinic. “A Chance for Life” began as an initiative because of the limited capacity at the Intensive Care Department of Health that occured as a real problem because of the increased number of prematurely born babies and newborns with complications. We had an increased number of cases like this and the capacity of the department was the same for years. However, with the campaign, we managed to equip the Department of Intensive Care of Health, and thus we improved our effectiveness in handling complicated cases. The department is essential in the country because it is the only one of its kind where reception of prematurely born babies and newborns with complications is made." stated Aspazija Sofijanova, director of the Clinic for Children's Diseases in Skopje.

In competition with 9 countries, “Chance for Life” received an International Award for best socially responsible practice in the past year, by the European Union delegation in our country. Last year the company OKTA was awarded Recognition for successfully conducted socially responsible practice by the Ministry of Economy.