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Firefighting vehicle – OKTA’s donation for the Firefighting Unit of Kumanovo

Firefighting vehicle – OKTA’s donation for the Firefighting Unit of Kumanovo

(Skopje, 22.12.2015)Kumanovo’s Firefighting Unit received a donation – firefighting vehicle from the company OKTA. This donation will increase the efficiency and the capacities of the territorial unit for firefighting interventions.

“This is a second donation from OKTA in the area of firefighting protection this year. This time we have decided to donate a FF vehicle to the territorial firefighting unit of Kumanovo, as our long-term collaborators. Recently our successful cooperation was also confirmed through their participation of in the interactive operational drill for managing incidents, which was organized in OKTA. Together, we have shown high level of professionalism and coordination in our efforts to prevent crises caused by unpredicted situations. We hope that this donation will contribute for more efficient operation of Kumanovo’s Firefighting Unit”, stated Suzana Crvenkova, Manager for Health, Safety and Environment in OKTA.

For the Municipality of Kumanovo, this donation is more than welcome.
“So far the partnership relations with OKTA have been proven many times from both sides. The drill is just a part of what our firefighting unit is ready to do. However for more effective reaction in given situations, there is a need of greater capacity, i.e. more vehicles. This donation has great importance for us and will enable us better control and mobility in cases of natural disasters and other accidents. Based on the positive experience and corporate culture of OKTA, we believe that the collaboration will continue and we will strengthen our partnership and friendship relations”, stated Valentina Aleksovska, Secretary of the Municipality of Kumanovo.

As a result of the exceptional contribution for execution of the working tasks in the area of protection and the rescue, an acknowledgement was given to the company OKTA from Ekrem Zendeli, the Deputy Director of the Direction for Protection and Rescue. At the meeting was also presented the video from the conducted operational – tactical drill for crisis management, in which were involved the professional firefighting and universal unit of OKTA, the firefighting team from Kumanovo, the firefighting unit from the Airport Alexander the Great, the firefighting aviation of the Directorate for Protection and Rescue, as well as the medical personnel from the polyclinic Neuromedica and the Red Cross of the City of Skopje.