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OKTA’S first photovoltaic plant installed in Edinstvo Strumica put in use

OKTA’s first photovoltaic plant installed in Edinstvo-Strumica put into operation

(Strumica, 29.11.2018) – The first photovoltaic plant which OKTA installed on the roof of Confection and knitwear company “AD Edinstvo” from Strumica was put into operationthis Friday. The installation of the plant is part of a ten-year agreement for electricity supplying under favorable market conditions that OKTA has concluded with the company. This is step forward with which OKTA enters on the market both as a supplier and producer of electricity.

“OKTA has begun a process of transformation from an oil company into a modern energy company that will expand is portfolio with production of electricity from renewable sources and supply and management of energy for its customers. Through agreements with small and medium-sized industrial companies that consume a lot of electricity in their production process, but also consume oil derivatives and other fuels (firewood, coal), we as a company invest in photovoltaic power plants for electricity generation. At the same time OKTA will also take care of energy management in the respective companies which will contribute to greater energy efficiency and reduce energy losses of companies. In any case, the replacement of coal, firewood or fuel oil with renewable energy sources contributes to the protection of the environment in the communities where these companies operate”, said Risto Janevski, Director of Strategic Planning and Development in OKTA. 

The installed photovoltaic plant has a power of 100 kW. There have been installed 352 solar panels produced by the well-known manufacturer Canadian Solar and 4 inverters from the prominent German company SMA Solar Technology AG. Annually, the plant will produce 125 MWh “green” electricity which makes around one third of the total needs of „Edinstvo“. 

“This is really important step for us since it will provide significant savings for the company and in particular because of the reducing the imbalance between company’s capacity and its electricity consumption. In addition to reducing the costs, through this project we will eliminate from use the firewood and fuel oil – something that needs to serve as an example for all other companies. With the concept offered by OKTA and the signed agreement we would be able to reduce our expenditures and increase our efficiency”, said Iljo Kuzmanov, Manager of “Edinstvo” Strumica. 

This August, OKTA donated a photovoltaic power plant to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies in Skopje. With the acquisition of the relevant energy licenses and fulfilling the preconditions for working in this sector, OKTA becomes competitive economic entity in the electricity market in the country.