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Interactive protection and rescue firefighting drill organized at OKTA

Interactive protection and rescue firefighting drill organized at OKTA

(Skopje, 19.07.2019) – Joint, fast and consistent intervention was the main feature of “Joint response 2019”, a complex protection and rescue firefighting drill that took place at OKTA’s premises. 

The interactive drill was operated by the Protection and Rescue Directorate alongside with the other participation partners such as the Firefighting Brigades from Skopje and Kumanovo, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Transport and Communication, the PE Macedonian Railways Infrastructure, the Air Defense Unite of Protection and Rescue Directorate as well as the Red Cross. In the joint response to this crisis scenario, protection and rescue unites of the companies OKTA AD – Skopje, TAV Macedonia, Makpetrol AD Skopje, AVA KOTA, Alkaloid Skopje, Acibadem Sistina and OKTA’s ambulance – PZU Intermed Art also took part.

“The main purpose of the drill was to act preventively, to demonstrate our capacity and the readiness to respond to a particular situation and whether and where the performance for quick response eventually requires improvement in order to be fully prepared in the event of a real fire. Today we witnessed a highly skilled, quick and coordinate response of the participating teams that proves that both special and universal units of different institutions demonstrated coherent and professional response to this preventive situation”, said Adnan Dzaferoski, the direcotre of the Protection and Rescue Directorate of North Macedonia. 

The drill scenario that was prepared by the professional team of the Directorate included an extreme situation consisting of multiple fires and explosions, endangering people and material goods.  

“Besides the expertise of the special units of the competent institutions and public enterprises, in such scenarios, the role of the companies such as OKTA is particularly important. Considering the nature of our work, we put special emphasis on the secure and expertise in dealing with unpredictable and crisis situations. In today’s complex drill that was created in order to be almost identical to a real situation, our unit showed consistency and high readiness to give prompt and effective response”, said Zoran Dorevski, Security & Firefighting Manager of OKTA. 

The drill lasted for four hours and beside at OKTA’s premises, part of the scenario took place in the industrial zone near the villages Miladinovci, Petrovec and Bunardzik. This type of drill is particularly important because it concerns the protection of human lives, material goods and the environment in highly crisis situations.  

The interactive drill was observed by representatives of the state leadership. During the drill, the President of the Republic of North Macedonia, Stevo Pendarovski, the Minister of Interior, Oliver Spasovski and the Minister without Portfolio, Edmond Ademi as well as representatives of the General Staff of the National Army were present at OKTA’s premises.