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JAS VNIMAVAM of OKTA awarded with a National Award for socially responsible campaign

JAS VNIMAVAM of OKTA awarded with a National Award for socially responsible campaign

(Skopje, 15.11.2017) - OKTA's campaign JAS VNIMAVAM was declared the best national socially responsible practice in the category of community investment in large companies. The campaign for raising public awareness for the need of greater traffic safety has been set as the most effective and comprehensive in terms of the issues it deals with.

It is a great honor for me today to receive this award on behalf of OKTA AD - Skopje. We are particularly grateful for the support we received from the Ministry of Interior and their confidence in the mutual implementation of this campaign. JAS VNIMAVAM was created after the end of our previous campaign CHANCE FOR LIFE, which was dedicated to improvement of the Intensive Department of the Children's Clinic. The campaign aims to make our roads and streets safer, reminding drivers of the obvious situations, not to drive under the influence of alcohol, to use a safety belt, to wear a protective helmet when riding a motorcycle and of course to watch out for pedestrians. This campaign has received support from several celebrities as well as media to whom we express our enormous gratitude. The award belongs to all of our followers and supporters who actively engaged and spread the messages we distribute. If we have managed to prevent at least one accident, it was worth doing it.” – stated Ioannis Geroulanos, Chief Executive Officer of OKTA.

The campaign JAS VNIMAVAM for raising awareness of traffic safety, created by the company OKTA, and in partnership with the Ministry of Interior, has been taking place since the beginning of the year and it treats a different traffic problem each month. It is designed and built to communicate on multiple levels, encompassing all groups of traffic participants and messages to reach as many citizens as possible. In an innovative way, with the help of a large number of public figures, it reviews the most frequently violated traffic rules and regulations, which are at the same time the most common causes of traffic accidents, and thus aims to improve road conditions on a daily basis. Through its activities, it educates the youngest participants in the traffic, through a thematic theater performance, coloring books for the basic traffic rules, and so far it has donated ten traffic educational polygons in several primary schools throughout the country. In addition, the campaign JAS VNIMAVAM, every month surprises the most knowledgeable drivers with valuable fuel vouchers from the company OKTA. All this contributes to long-term effects of the campaign JAS VNIMAVAM and fulfilling its primary goal, that is, to improve the knowledge of traffic culture in the country.

JAS VNIMAVAM was selected out of competition with 15 major companies with a total of 24 projects. The National Award Manifestation for the best socially responsible practices of the local enterprises is organized by the Coordinative Body for Corporate Social Responsibility of Enterprises and the Ministry of Economy. At this year's 10th jubilee granting of awards in various categories of social responsibility, 25 local companies submitted a total of 34 projects, out of which 10 small and medium enterprises with 10 projects and 15 large enterprises with 24 projects.