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New donation from OKTA to the Intensive Care Department at the Children’s Clinic

New donation from OKTA to the Intensive Care Department at the Children’s Clinic

(Skopje, 15.09.2015) - A modern baby-term, which provides even distribution of the temperature of prematurely born babies, as well as babies born with complications, was received by the Intensive Care Department at the Children’s Clinic in Skopje, as part of the campaign Chance for Life, initiated by the company OKTA. This is a third donation in a row that comes as a result of the national campaign, actively conducted by the company OKTA for a second year now, supported also by numerous celebrities, citizens and companies.
For the first time the Children’s Clinic receives such device, which has an exceptional importance for the normal development of the babies. The device’s aim is to create an environment with an optimal heat needed for the prematurely born babies, and by that, they are protected from unwanted situations caused by inappropriate temperature during the transfer from the incubator to the normal surrounding. 

“This is one of the key devices needed for the Intensive Care Department, which will allow us to create a perfect environment for the newborns. So far, the company OKTA with the campaign Chance for Life helped us in the purchase of new equipment, as well as with the repair of the existing one. The initiative that came from this company has shown that the business entities can contribute a lot towards uniting the citizens under one common goal. As a result of the call coming from the company and us, the awareness got raised regarding the importance of the optimal functioning of our Department and providing as good as possible care to the prematurely born babies and the babies born with health complications. We are very happy that the Government also announced that they will redistribute funds for full renovation and equipping the Department, which shows that this campaign has raised the awareness about the problem”, stated Dr. Aspazija Sofijanova, Head of the Children’s Clinic in Skopje. 

Apart from this donation, as part of the campaign Chance for Life, OKTA has already donated a new incubator, pulse-meters and aspirators, while three existing incubators were repaired. 

“It brings great pleasure to us as a company when we see that our commitment and effort have a positive effect. Undoubtedly, this campaign caused major interest in the public and it united many citizens, companies and organizations under one goal. We cannot be more grateful to everybody who recognized the need and got actively involved with donation and support. Together we have managed to contribute significantly towards this Department, and with the same enthusiasm we will continue in the future”, stated Marija Stavreva, Manager for Communications and CSR in OKTA. 

Everyone that wished to help the campaign’s goals can do that through dialing the donation phone numbers 070/075/077 14 33 33, through purchase of fuel from OKTA’s petrol stations, where a percentage from the sales is distributed towards the campaign, as well as the possibility for a direct donation at the special bank account of the Campaign, 200002709659393 in Stopanska Banka. More information is available at the web page of the company [].