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New Year’s Donation of OKTA - Interactive Whiteboards for the Schools “Idnina” and “Zlatan Sremec”

New Year’s Donation of OKTA - Interactive Whiteboards for the Schools “Idnina” and “Zlatan Sremec”

(Skopje, 26.12.2016)
– The schools for children with disabilities “Idnina” and “Dr. Zlatan Sremec” received interactive whiteboards as a New Year’s donation from OKTA. The idea for this kind of donation arose from the need to bring educational contents to children in a different and more interesting way.

"Idnina” and “Zlatan Sremec” are two schools that OKTA traditionally visits in the pre-New Year period. This year we decided to give a donation that will benefit the current and future generations of students of these schools and will significantly contribute to improving the educational process. The interactive or smart whiteboards bring benefits also for teachers, offering them the opportunity to bring the teaching program closer to the students in an interesting and effective way", said Marija Stavreva, Manager of corporate social responsibility and communications in OKTA.

The interactive whiteboards, as a new and modern way of teaching, will meet the needs of both schools, and the responsible people in the school confirm this by stating that this donation will significantly facilitate their daily work.

"For our school, the interactive whiteboard board is a great step forward. We will have an opportunity to apply the curricula of courses for individual and group work, the manner of presentation will become particularly interesting and in the process of learning we will use different games in order to learn the material, that is, to achieve the set out goals. We are very happy that this year OKTA’s donation refers to something that will remain permanently in the school and we know it will have an effect on all children and thereby we follow the development trend in the educational process", said Aneta Petrovska, director of the school for children with disabilities “Idnina”.

"When working with children with disabilities we must find a way to easier pass the knowledge from lessons. With the help of smart whiteboards it will be easier task for us and improvement of the process of mastering of the teaching units for the children. We would like to express our gratitude to OKTA for this donation and hope that others will also recognize the need for donations to schools like this one", said Ana Shikaleska, director of the school for children with disabilities “Dr. Zlatan Sremec”.

This donation from OKTA once again proved its commitment and determination to initiate and implement socially responsible practices that provide benefits to various groups and segments of the community.