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OKTA first company in the country achieving CoVid-Shield certification

OKTA first company in the country achieving CoVid-Shield certification

(Skopje, 18.12.2020) – OKTA AD - Skopje has completed all the procedures required to obtain CoVid Shield certification at the top level of "Εxcellent" for its premises and installation based in Miladiovci. Thus, it has become the first company in the country accredited with this innovative certificate. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, OKTA has prioritised the safety of its employees, associates and customers, taking all the necessary measures and implementing the recommended health protocols.

The Private Certification Scheme ‘CoVid-Shield’ was developed by TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas and is an integrated Certification Scheme to increase the confidence of citizens and consumers in businesses, which apply and become certified under the Scheme. In this context and with a strong sense of responsibility, social conscience and business ethics, OKTA took immediate action from the very first day of the health crisis in order to create a safe work environment. 

“We at OKTA took immediate action, adopting all the measures necessary to protect our employees and customers. This is directly reflected in the recent CoVid Shield certification we obtained. OKTA remains at the side of its people and consumers, prioritizing safety and responsibility and viewing the future with diligence and optimism”, stated Vuk Radovic, the Chief Executive Officer of OKTA.

The „COVID-Shield“ certification has been carried out on a group level including all the subsidiaries in the five countries where the Hellenic Petroleum Group operates.