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Instead of New Year’s corporate presents, the funds reallocated for Chance for Life

Instead of New Year’s corporate presents, OKTA has reallocated the funds for a donation in the campaign Chance for Life

(Skopje, 20.12.2015) – This year the company OKTA has reallocated all the funds intended for New Year’s presents for its business partners and collaborators to a donation for the campaign Chance for Life.
“In order to achieve greater effect from our contributions in the Intensive Care Department at the Children’s Clinic, this year we have decided the funds intended for corporate New Year’s gifts for our partners and collaborators, to be part of OKTA’s last donation for the campaign Chance for Life. We are pleased with the development of the campaign in the past two years and we believe that together with the large number of charitable citizens and companies, we have managed to make visible positive changes at the Department, and thus help the little fighters to overcome the first challenge of life”, stated Marija Stavreva, Manager for CSR and Communications in OKTA.
The campaign Chance for Life recently won an international award for best CSR practice from CSR for ALL, a project created by the European Union, and implemented in the country by the Business Confederation. The company OKTA for this project was also awarded with a plaque from the National Coordinative Body for CSR and the Ministry of Economy. The uniqueness of the campaign is in the way of communication through which it succeeded to unite a large number of people for the same cause. Aside the direct donations from the company OKTA, through the campaign a considerable amount of funds was raised from citizens, organizations and companies, which were then used to purchase new equipment and repair the existing one at the Intensive Care Department at Children’s Clinic.