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OKTA installed its fifth photovoltaic plant on the roof of Moda Sveti Nikole textile factory

OKTA installed its fifth photovoltaic plant on the roof of Moda Sveti Nikole textile factory

(Skopje, 09.12.2020) – OKTA AD – Skopje has implemented its largest partnership project in the segment of renewable energy sources by installing a photovoltaic plant with a total capacity of 296.40 kW on the roof of the Moda Sveti Nikole textile factory. The plant is already put into operation and it produces “green” electricity for the factory’s own consumption needs. 

“It makes us really proud the fact that although under conditions of crisis and uncertainty, this year we have managed to put into operation two photovoltaic power plants. With this achievement, we have enriched OKTA’s portfolio counting five plants in total. We remain strongly committed to our investment strategy in renewable energy sources through application of innovative technologies. This way we achieve double effect - we help our partners to rationalize electricity consumption and at the same time we contribute to reducing the factors that have adverse effects on the environment”, said Vuk Radovic, Chief Executive Officer of OKTA.

A total of 1.060 photovoltaic panels from the renowned producer Multicrystalline Trina Solar are placed on the roof of Moda Sveti Nikole, while the six invertors used in the system are from the brand Huawei. The expected annual electricity production is 428 MWh.

“Electricity accounts a large percent of our total production costs. Having this in mind, we had no doubt whether to get involved in this project, from which not only our company definitely benefits, but at the same time has a socially responsible effect, as it contributes towards protection of the environment. I believe that as a corporate sector our task and obligation is to be the leaders of certain processes in the country and this activity is exactly to that direction”, said Angel Dimitrov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Moda Sveti Nikole. 

This is the second textile factory where OKTA has installed photovoltaic plant, first one being placed at the Confection and Knitwear AD Edinstvo in Strumica. Furthermore, the company has installed photovoltaic plants at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies in Skopje, at the International School NOVA, as well as one within OKTA’s installation used for own consumption.