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OKTA: Our fuel is being triple-examined

OKTA: Our fuel is being triple-examined; the quality of our fuel is unparalleled and in accordance to the highest standards

(Skopje, 26.08.2015) OKTA name was mentioned in recent press articles discussing the quality of fuel sold to final consumers. For the avoidance of doubt we would like to clarify that OKTA was not one of the five companies discovered in the past year by Market Inspectorate for selling fuel with fewer octanes. 

OKTA imports and sells fuel which complies with the highest standards and possesses all the necessary procedures and infrastructure to ensure the quality of fuel sold to its customers. We are the only company that conducts triple controls of the fuel: the first in the refinery where fuel is loaded, before its transport; the second upon the fuel’s arrival at OKTA premises; and the third control before the fuel is delivered to the market. 

The problem of low quality fuel imports by several independent importers has been repeatedly identified by OKTA and reported to the Market Inspectorate. State authorities are doing their best, but they often lack the means and resources to control the market effectively. OKTA, which accounts for more than 60% of the fuel imports, is doing its part in ensuring the uninterrupted supply of fuel of the highest standards, and we are therefore in a position to fully guarantee the quality of our products to our customers.

In the same press articles there were references to an old case from 2012, where OKTA allegedly imported fuel which did not meet state specifications. OKTA has appealed against this case which is still pending in the courts, on the basis that the results of the analyses performed by State Authorities were inaccurate due to the lack of proper equipment and infrastructure. OKTA will continue to support the State in its efforts to control the quality of fuel sold in the country. But we will also continue to insist that the efforts are intensified and that the import and quality regulations are improved in line with  the valid Energy Law and the relevant by-laws, in order to safeguard the fuel market for the benefit of the consumers and the economy overall.