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OKTA provided the opportunity to children with Down syndrome to attend a specialized summer camp

OKTA provided the opportunity to children with Down syndrome to attend a specialized summer camp

(Skopje, 24.08.2015)The children with Down syndrome for the first time had the opportunity to participate in the program for better socialization and communication, at the summer camp Yuppi in Kriopigi, Greece. Children from Bitola and Skopje and their parents will together be a part of the specialized camp, where creative workshops and activities will stimulate their development and integration. The journey organized by the Down Syndrome Center received a full financial support from the company OKTA. 

“OKTA recognized the need to support this initiative by the Down Syndrome Center, since we believe that helping and contributing towards integrating these persons in the everyday social spheres is a responsibility and a duty for all of us. We hope that the program the camp offers, which is specially adapted to their needs will enable them to gain a different experience which will contribute towards improving the quality of the lifestyle of the whole family” emphasized Marija Stavreva, Manager for CSR and Communications in OKTA.

The specialized summer camps are significant, since they contribute towards improving and developing the cognitive and motor skills of the children with Down syndrome, and through the various exercises, games and activities, they provide a different summer vacation experience. The additional significance of this camp is that it is one of the rare facilities where the special “Rainbow” program is implemented, intended for children with disabilities.

“We are happy that at least one part of the children and youth from Skopje and Bitola with Down syndrome will be involved in the “Rainbow” program at the Yuppi camp in Greece. Our gratitude goes to the company OKTA which helped us make this idea a reality and showed understanding and true initiative for enriching the lives of the persons with Down syndrome, as well as raising public awareness for the needs of these persons and their families. We expect a pleasant and fulfilled vacation in which our children will gain precious experiences. We hope that such initiatives will become a tradition in collaboration with our neighboring countries, and that a larger number of persons with Down syndrome will join the network and learn one from another in an entertaining and creative way.” said Ida Manton, founder and chairwoman of the Down Syndrome Center.

The Down Syndrome Center was founded in April 2013, as a non-profit organization, whose main aim is to improve the life of the people with Down syndrome in the country.