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OKTA’s Laboratory awarded international Certificate of Excellence on fuel quality of testing

OKTA’s Laboratory awarded international Certificate of Excellence on fuel quality of testing

(Skopje, 22.01.2019) – OKTA’s Laboratory was awarded with international Certificate which represents confirmation on the high level of quality and accuracy of the oil derivatives analysis that are carried out in the laboratory. The examinations and performances of OKTA’s laboratory are assessed with the highest marks with a Certificate, awarded by the respected and globally acclaimed Institute for Interlaboratory Studies from the Netherlands. 

The quality and the excellence of the laboratory performances was determined through analysis of Jet Fuel A1. A total of 15 parameters were analyzed and all the delivered results were accurate and precise. OKTA’s laboratory in the upcoming period expects to be granted similar acknowledgment for the testing that was made with samples of gasoline where 14 parameters were applied. In 2017 the laboratory was awarded with similar certificate of excellence on diesel derivative. 

The laboratory, in which regular controls of the fuels quality are carried out, is equipped with state-of-the-art appliances and applies 50 internationally accredited methods. Since 2006 when OKTA received the first certificate of accreditation by the Institute for Accreditation, the laboratory works independently and provides services for numerous institutions and companies from the country and abroad. 

As a result of the laboratory’s high quality performances and the capacity for providing detailed analysis, OKTA for a fourth consecutive year implements its Program Guarantee. That is the first comprehensive program in the country for quality and quantity control of fuels. It is done by a mobile team on spot and by lab analyzes through which the quality and the quantity of the fuels is confirmed for all OKTA branded petrol stations.