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OKTA will pay its first dividend through the Central Depositary of Securities

OKTA will pay its first dividend through the Central Depositary of Securities

(Skopje, 21.06.2016) – The Central Depository of Securities for the first time mediates the calculation and payment of dividend that the company OKTA will distribute to its shareholders.

In 2015, company OKTA had improved its performance and profitability compared to the previous years. This is the first time since its foundation that OKTA’s shareholders will receive a dividend.

"The outcome of the positive growth of the company is the dividend that our shareholders will receive. We decided to go through the Central Depository for Securities because it possesses technical, personal and institutional capacity to perform this type of transaction for payment of dividend in a quick and efficient way. The realization of this process through this institution has benefits for shareholders, and also for us as a shareholding company", said Ioannis Geroulanos, Chief Executive Officer of OKTA.

The Depositary is the only specialized institution in the country which registers the newly issued securities and keeps records of any other changes related to the issued securities, while applying a number of domestic and international standards. The Depositary has data with openwork state of ownership of securities at any moment. That enables fast and efficient transfer of dividend.

“The benefit for companies from using the services of the Depositary in the payment of dividends and taxes to the Public Revenue Office is the capacity of the Depositary in performing these activities and comprehensiveness of the service that we will implement, thereby guaranteeing a high level of reliability and precision that will ultimately result in satisfied shareholders of the company. We are pleased that OKTA AD Skopje recognized these qualities of the Depositary and will conduct the payment of dividends to its shareholders right through the Depositary" said Elena Jakimovska Petrovska, Executive Director of Depositary.

All shareholders of OKTA will be invited on the addresses recorded in the Depositary, to submit written data on their transaction accounts for the payment of dividend. In order for the mission to be successfully implemented, the Depositary will make available its human resources and all shareholders who have not updated their data in the Depositary can address the Depositary directly. In this way, the realization of shareholder rights of the shareholders of OKTA will depend only on their diligence in submitting the required information to the Depositary.