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OKTA with a new program for guarantee of the quality and the quantity of the fuels

OKTA with a new program for guarantee of the quality and the quantity of the fuels

(Skopje, 27.10.2015) The company OKTA is starting a program with which it will guarantee the quality and the quantity of the fuels sold at the petrol stations under OKTA’s brand. A mobile laboratory, designed for OKTA’s needs, in terms of the cooperation that the company has with the Faculty for Mechanical Engineering, will be conducting regular and unexpected controls of the petrol stations checking the dispensers for loading fuel in the cars of end consumers.

“We are the only company that conducts triple control of the fuel. The first control is in the refinery where the fuel is loaded, the second one is conducted after the fuel arrives in OKTA, while the third control is being conducted before the fuel is delivered on the market. The Program Guarantee presents an introduction of a new – fourth control which will take place at the very petrol stations. With this program we will assure the customers that with us, they always receive the exact quantity and the highest quality. With this, once again we will show that at our petrol stations the customers can be sure for every liter. The Program is already widespread in most companies from the Hellenic Petroleum Group and it has an excellent response among the customers. Our program will be implemented with the support of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering”, stated Ioannis Geroulanos, Chief Executive Officer of OKTA.

With this first integrated program, a constant control of the quality and quantity of OKTA’s fuels will be conducted by staff trained for this purpose, who will guarantee the reliability of the sample and the controls. The checked dispensers will be marked with a control sticker for guaranteed quantity, which will say “Checked”. The analyses of the fuels’ quality will be conducted in an accredited laboratory and each petrol station that will pass the testing successfully, will receive a certificate for the performed control. 

“We support this action from OKTA, since it presents a process of constant improvement of the company’s performances in terms of providing constant quality of the fuels, which we believe that is necessary from the aspect of maintaining the vehicles and from the aspect of environmental protection”, it was stated by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Skopje. 

The Program Guarantee starts today and it will be conducted continuously at all petrol stations which carry OKTA’s brand.