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Reflective pendants, donation from OKTA for all first graders in Skopje

Reflective pendants, donation from OKTA for all first graders in Skopje

(Skopje, 13.09.2018) – The company OKTA has started an activity for donating reflective pendants for all first graders on the territory of Skopje. The first donation was made in the Elementary School Koco Racin and will continue in the other 75 elementary schools, encompassing about 7.000 first graders in total 10 Municipalities. The activity is part of the Campaign “I watch out” aimed to raise awareness for greater traffic safety, which the company conducts in cooperation with the Ministry for interior, second year in a row. This donation is a proof for OKTA’s commitment and contribution for better traffic safety of the kids as the most vulnerable category of participants in the traffic.
“This year as well, traffic safety is one of the main topics on which OKTA’s CSR strategy is devoted to. We as a company strive to contribute to positive changes on a long run and that’s why we are constantly focused towards finding new models to help in building more secure streets. Considering that the children are the most vulnerable category among traffic participants, this year we continue with activities that once again are targeting the youngest ones. We believe that by using these reflective elements we will contribute for their better visibility, thus greater safety while they are participating in the traffic”, said Marija Stavreva, Manager of CSR & Communications in OKTA.
The creative reflective bears can be easily applied on clothes or on kids’ backpacks, thus increasing their visibility especially during night. The researches shows that wearing reflective elements during night increases the visibility of pedestrians by five times. 

According to the Mayor of the Municipality of Centar, Sasha Bogdanovic this is just one of the ways we all need to engage in promoting greater awareness for traffic safety. 

„The donation of the reflective pendants is really valuable, as it encompasses all the first graders on the territory of  Skopje. It is especially important also for us as a Municipality, considering that most of the elementary schools in Center Municipality are located close to streets with heavy traffic. We work continuously on increasing the traffic safety. This beneficial donation of OKTA will additionally contribute the youngest once to be more visible while they are participating in the traffic. Once more, OKTA has demonstrated its sincere care for the conditions in the community and contributes for real changes”, stated Bogdanovic.

The national Campaign “I watch out”, aiming to create safer roads, so far it has realized different activities designed to remind and educate the citizens about the consequences of violating the traffic rules. A variety of activities were dedicated to the most violated traffic rules, highlighting that their disobedience is crucial for the traffic safety. Moreover, the campaign through donation of the traffic polygons in the elementary schools has educated the youngest participants for the basic traffic rules and how to stay safe while in the traffic. For these activities, last year the campaign “I watch out” was granted the award for Best national socially responsible practice in the category community investment.