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Ten students from UKIM will receive scholarships from OKTA

Ten students from UKIM will receive scholarships from OKTA 

(Skopje, 31.08.2018) – This year again, OKTA will award full scholarships for postgraduate studies for ten students at UKIM. According to the Memorandum for collaboration, signed between the company and the University „St. Cyril and Methodius”, where the conditions for obtaining these scholarships are defined, OKTA will support the most successful and most ambitious students who want to extend their knowledge on a higher level in selected areas. 

The continuous awarding of the scholarships is part of a wider and comprehensive socially responsible practice of the company aimed at building highly qualified personnel and promoting and encouraging the educational processes. 

“Last year, on a similar event, we promised you “we are here to assist you”. Here we are, for the second time, 10 scholarships for the students of UKIM, for our kids to stay here and learn. Learn and be useful. For themselves, for the society they live in. We focused on the specializations we need more this year. We had an excellent cooperation with the Faculty of Agriculture with the bio-remediation of our sludge. Last week, we initiated a project with FEIT concerning photovoltaics. We want to give tools to your students to learn more, assisting us this way as well in getting better, ecologically friendlier.”, stated Ioannis Geroulanos, Chief Executive Officer of OKTA.

The scholarships are intended for students from six faculties from UKIM. One scholarship will be awarded to the candidates from both the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Food, while two scholarships will be awarded to students from each of the following faculties: PMF – Institute of Chemistry, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, FEEIT and the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy. According to the conditions and criteria defined in this memorandum, the candidates who will apply for the second cycle of one-year studies for the academic year 2018/2019, in the first enrollment period, will have the right to receive a scholarship, at the already open competition of UKIM. 

„The cooperation with the business sector, the needs of relation between the University and the society, and in particular the connection with the economic factors is one of the strategic goals of our University, but at the same time a challenge we encounter. This year, the initiative for granting these scholarships to these faculties came from the company OKTA. In that direction, today’s signing of the Memorandum is an event of particular importance, because in this way the relationship between the University, the business sector and the society is being strengthened. In this way, the University will be able to successfully perform its function in the direction of development and advancement of the society. Only this way, the University, as the most important part of the entire educational system in the country, as a vital center for creation of high quality professional staff, will continue to meet the high standards for their inclusion in the labor market and will monitor the needs of the economy”, stated prof. D-r Nikola Jankulovski, Rector of UKIM.

With signing the Memorandum, the long-standing cooperation between the University and OKTA continues, which was carried out through the implementation of the regular internship program, as well as the support of the company for various activities related to the promotion of the teaching process.