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The famous pop singers have supported the campaign Chance for Life

The famous pop singers have supported the campaign Chance for Life

OKTA together with Lozano, Rennata, Natalija and Viktor with a song is calling for donations in the campaign Chance for Life.

(Skopje, 18.03.2015) – “Every day a chance for life is”, is said in the new song – a joint project of OKTA and Vlatko Lozanoski, Rennata Kralevska, Natalija Slaveva, Viktor Apostolovski and the choir of Zlatno Slavejche. With the song they are calling all the citizens and companies to help in the gathering of funds for the Intensive Care Department at the Children’s Clinic in Skopje, where the prematurely born babies and the babies with complications are admitted. This department has a huge need of equipping, since at the moment it has limited capabilities, against the big number of newly admitted cases. The song is another activity of the campaign “Chance for Life”, whose initiator is OKTA and the aim is to improve the conditions in this department.

For the young artists, this is a project that needs to be supported by a larger number of citizens, in order to cause a real positive change.

“To be part of such a project means to give your own contribution for a better tomorrow of the babies that are expecting our help in their first battle in life”, says Lozanoski. Kralevska, the lyrics author, calls on action to everyone that can help: “You don’t have to do much, each one of us should donate to the phone lines for donation and to make a difference. It is a small contribution from each one of us, but a big one for the children waiting for our help”. Slaveva is working on such a project for the first time and believes that “in this way, through our personal example, we will try to raise the awareness about donations where they are the most needed”. “I call everybody to join without a doubt and to help wherever it is needed, before it’s too late, because on this department the babies are fighting for life on a daily basis”, said Viktor Apostolovski.

The singers are calling everybody to share the song as much as possible, so as many people as possible should accept the idea and join the campaign for equipping of this department at the Children’s Clinic in Skopje.

The campaign initiated by OKTA last year, continues this year as well with the support of the company.

“Exactly on this day the campaign was started last year. So far we have managed to buy a new incubator, new aspirators and perfusors and to service three existing incubators. Despite this significant contribution, the department has need of a larger number of donations, since its capacity is still limited. Because of that, together with the Children’s Clinic we have decided to continue with the campaign this year as well. We hope that we will have even bigger response and that we will manage to do even more”, said the Manager for Communications and CSR in OKTA, Marija Stavreva.
From the Clinic are also saying that the donations are more than needed.

“We are happy that this year the campaign continues, because we expect an increase in the donations and a real chance to be given to these babies that are fighting for their life on a daily basis. Last year we have managed to partially equip the department, but believe me, we need even more donations, because from them depends the normal functioning of the department”, said Dr. Radica Muratovska from the Children’s Clinic.

The ways of donation remain the same, through the open telephone lines for donations 070/075/077 14 33 33, the possibility of a minimum donation of 100 MKD in the marked boxes on OKTA petrol stations, with which the citizens are receiving a bracelet with the campaign logo, as its supporter, through purchase of fuels from the petrol stations of OKTA and a percentage from the sales is contributed to the campaign, as well as with a donation on the special bank account for the campaign in Stopanska Banka 200002709659393.   
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