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With OKTA’s Internship Program one step closer to employment

With OKTA’s Internship Program one step closer to employment

(Skopje, 09.03.2016)This year four interns who were part of OKTA’s Internship Program became part of the company’s team. In April this year starts another round of OKTA’s continuous program, by which the students are prepared for practical work in a company. 

“The program that we actively implement and develop in OKTA is an excellent opportunity for the students to gain new professional skills and knowledge. As one of the biggest companies in the country, we deem that by organizing such socially responsible initiatives, we help the students to prepare for the challenges they face after the completion of the academic education. The Internship Program has demonstrated that the experience gained in an international company, makes them more confident, and by this, also more competitive on the labor market”, stated Marija Stavreva, CSR and Communications Manager of the company. 

From the great number of students who applied in the latest round of the program, were chosen the best, who were engaged in a three-months practical work in the company. The ones that have shown exceptional skills and eagerness for further professional development received an extension of their agreement, after which they were kept in the company. 

“I have always dreamt to work in a large company. When I applied for the program, my idea was to gain an experience that will enable me practically to implement my academic knowledge, to learn to handle with the everyday working tasks and obligations. The theory and the practice are two very different things, and therefore I believed that such type of internship will enable me a significant experience. Now my dream has become a reality therefore, I encourage all the students not to give up from their dreams”, stated one of the employed interns, Ms. Zaklina Kuzmanova.

With the Internship Program the students are entering the operational processes of the company, in a specific work post. Every intern is assigned to a mentor from OKTA. By delegating working tasks and responsibilities the mentor introduces and directs the intern in the business activities of the company. Alike the previous rounds, OKTA provides transport, meals and additional money compensation to all the interns that participate in the program. 

The program continues for students who are in their last year of studies or on master’s studies at the University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” from the Faculty of Economics, the Faculty of Law, Civil Construction Faculty, Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, the Faculty of Electro Technical and Informational Technologies and the Faculty of Natural Sciences, as well as the students from the private university “American College”.