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With support of OKTA – FEEIT first faculty that will produce clean energy from photovoltaics

With support of OKTA – FEEIT first faculty that will produce clean energy from photovoltaics

(Skopje, 22.08.2018) – Today two photovoltaic plants with a total power of 22 KW were put into operation at the Faculty for Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies (FEEIT) in Skopje. One of the plants is a donation of OKTA and the other one is purchased within the IPA project “Improving the integration of energy storage in buildings with photovoltaics” funded by EU and cofounded by the faculty. The electricity produced by the photovoltaic plants will be used for the needs of FEEIT that will give the faculty an annual savings between 3.000 and 3.5000 euros.

“By activating these photovoltaic plants, FEEIT improves the energy efficiency of its facilities and saves money from the country’s budget. With this initiative, we continue our commitment to save the environment and reduce the pollution. The first plant that has a power of 10 KW is a donation of OKTA. The second plant, acquired with our own resources and through IPA project, has a power of 12 KW and its own system for accumulating energy. Thereby, FEEIT confirms its commitment to closer cooperation with the business sector and state institutions”, said Professor Dimitar Tashkovski, Dean of FEEIT.

OKTA recently started being active in the sector for electricity production from renewables, supported the investment of FEIT in this type of technologies.

“OKTA is always ready to support innovative initiatives that increase energy efficiency and are environmentally friendly. Our donation is a solid proof that we want to participate in the renewables sector, we want to contribute and to learn. We believe that this donation will provide a tool for practical skills for the students of FEIT, who we will also assist with scholarships in this field, as we did it last year”, stated Ioannis Geroulanos, Chief Executive Officer of OKTA.

The Minister for Education and Science, Arber Ademi pointed out that this project of FEIT should be an example and encouragement for the other educational institutions to exploit the potentials of renewable energy sources.

“Investments in the development of science are always cost-effective, and this is reflected through the benefits of using the scientific results that has multidimensional importance. On the one hand, it enables the faculty to have a modern energy-efficient facility and to have maximal energy savings. On the other hand, this is an excellent opportunity for the students to directly get familiarized with the way this system is functioning, to analyze how electricity from photovoltaics is generated. They will be able to gain quality knowledge but I expect it will encourage their innovativeness in the development of some better and more functional solutions”, said Ademi.

The whole system will have a positive contribution in the educational process on the faculty, as well. The students will be able to analyze the process of generating and storing electricity produced by photovoltaics, as well as experimenting and developing their own ideas and their practical testing. The total value of the project for purchasing and installation of the two plants is 27.500 euros.