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With the campaign “I watch out” to greater awareness for traffic safety

With the campaign “I watch out” to greater awareness for traffic safety

(Skopje, 24.03.2017)
– “I watch out” is the new campaign by OKTA in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior Affairs, aimed to increase the awareness for improving traffic safety. Every month will be dedicated to a different topic in the sphere of traffic with the support of large number of celebrities and providing rewards to conscious drivers.
As a company that regularly follows and supports the socially responsible activities in the country, this year, we decided to launch a campaign for raising awareness of road safety, called "I WATCH OUT”. Taking into consideration that road safety is a great challenge for the whole community, we believe that it deserves continued and increased attention as well as action. By raising social awareness of the personal and collective traffic safety, we expect to contribute to creation of a sustainable culture for safer roads. For this purpose, we have prepared different themes and events related to traffic rules for each month of the year during which motivating prizes will be given to the most conscientious participants in the traffic. The support of many public figures will help us spread our message widely, while by donating traffic polygons to a number of schools across the country we will contribute for more efficient traffic education to our dearest ones. We are exceptionally pleased that the Ministry of Interior has recognized the need for such an initiative and fully joined this project. We are confident that their support will significantly contribute to successful implementation of the campaign.”, stated Mr. Ioannis Geroulanos, CEO of OKTA.

The campaign in its activities will include children as well, through donations of educational traffic polygons, in more than 15 primary schools around the country, as well as a theatrical play on the topic of traffic safety, and coloring books will be distributed to pupils with the aim to learn the basic traffic rules. 
The content of the campaign and the defined issues in the traffic are created in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior Affairs which will give their support during all activities.

“Taking into consideration the fact that according to our statistics we have an upwards trend and increase of the traffic accidents with serious, and even fatal injuries, the initiative by OKTA to conduct a national campaign to increase the awareness for traffic safety was accepted by our institution without any doubts and we give our full support. Along with the creative and the educational approach, we believe that we will manage to create meaningful and qualitative changes in the traffic safety conditions”, stated from the Ministry of Interior.

The campaign begins with activities that will contribute to the increase of awareness for one of the most violated rules, i.e. participating in the traffic under the influence of alcohol. Every month the campaign will be dedicated to some of the most common traffic problems, such as, necessity of wearing protective helmets for motorcyclists and seat belt for car drivers, driving and talking on a cell phone, driving with a recommended speed of the road, use of child seats and adequate winter equipment.