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OKTA and Hellenic Petroleum with scholarships for postgraduate studies in Greece

OKTA and Hellenic Petroleum with scholarships for postgraduate studies in Greece

Two students from the country will have the opportunity to receive scholarship for postgraduate studies in Greece. The scholarship will cover tuition fees as well as living expenses in the amount of 1,000 euros per month.

Recently, the Hellenic Petroleum Group signed a 3-year cooperation agreement with two Universities in Greece for the following postgraduate programs: Postgraduate Program in Energy Strategy, Law & Economics of the University of Piraeus and the Postgraduate Program in Petroleum Engineering of the Technical University of Crete.

Hellenic Petroleum’s contribution to these specialized postgraduate programs consists in the support of significant number of scholarships (a total of 25), which will be awarded to at least two students from our country, as well as to candidates from other countries where HELPE Group operates (Greece, Cyprus, Montenegro, Bulgaria and Serbia).

The main objective of the program is the education and training of students in order to acquire wider scientific basis in the area of oil industry and energy sector. The research and teaching in the two Postgraduate Programs will be conducted in English, by applying innovative methods, which will include seminars, educational visits, research projects related to the energy market and the oil industry in and out of Greece, emphasizing on the wider Balkan and South-East Europe region, where HELPE Group is active.
OKTA as part of Hellenic Petroleum, the largest energy Group in Greece and the region, consistently invests in education, research and innovation through collaborations with Universities and research centers in Greece and abroad.

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