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OKTA donated devices for pedestrian traffic control in Skopje

OKTA donated devices for pedestrian traffic control in Skopje

(Skopje, 26.12.2019) – OKTA donated push buttons by which the operation of the traffic lights on several crossroads on the boulevards in Skopje will be regulated. This activity is part of company’s traffic safety campaign “Jas vnimavam”. These state-of-the-art mechanisms will allow the pedestrians to activate the green light and safely cross the boulevard. The push buttons are installed on high frequency boulevards where the increasing of the pedestrians’ safety is essential. 
The pedestrian crossing on Serbia Boulevard, near the police station is the first location where the push buttons are installed. In the following period, push buttons will be mounted also on other boulevards, such as Third Macedonian Brigade, Ilinden and Metropolitan Teodosij Gologanov. Practicing such traffic control is wide spread model in the European countries, aiming at achieving greater pedestrian safety as well as better road traffic management.  

“Our idea is through innovative and beneficial actions to contribute for increasing the traffic safety. The push buttons are innovation for the City of Skopje and we hope that the citizens will use them accordingly, thus will protect not only themselves, but also the other participants in the traffic. We are very glad for the support we received from the City of Skopje, that has helped us successfully to finalize the project, which is part of our long-lasting campaign Jas Vnimavam”, said the CEO of OKTA, Ioannis Geroulanos. 
The devices are attached to the traffic lights and touch sensitive. Once the pedestrian touches the device, the green light turns on after few seconds. The push buttons have suitable sound signal as well. When there are no pedestrians, the vehicles traffic light will be green all the time in order to reduce the waiting time for the drivers. The push buttons have modern  Austrian design. The project is implementing in cooperation with the City of Skopje and PE Streets and Roads.

“Traffic participants’ safety is the main criteria we take into consideration when implementing new traffic solutions. Every donation in this area is a step forward towards safer streets and fewer traffic fatalities. Human life has no price and if installing these mechanisms saves at least one life, we have achieved our goal. I express my gratitude to OKTA as a socially responsible company that recognized this challenge and make it possible together with us”, stated Petre Shilegov, the Mayor of Skopje.  

For the third consecutive year, OKTA conducts the national traffic safety campaign “Jas vnimavam” with the support of the Ministry of interior. Up to now, the company has implemented numerous educational activities to raise citizens’ awareness of the consequences of violating traffic rules and regulations. In addition, through donations of traffic polygons in the elementary schools, the youngest traffic participants gained knowledge on how to move safely at the city streets. For these activities, in 2017 “Jas vnimavam” campaign was awarded the best national socially responsible practice in the category of community investment in large companies.