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Program Guarantee

Program Guarantee - the first comprehensive program for control of the quality and quantity of fuels

Our customers' trust is of utmost importance to us. Therefore in OKTA, we created the program Guarantee for control of the quality and quantity of fuels at the petrol stations with brand OKTA.

The mobile laboratory managed by a team of independent controllers specially trained for this purpose, conducts regular and unexpected controls across the entire retail network of OKTA. According to the program, they first perform volumetric check of the fuel dispensers. The next step involves a quality control, that is, determination of the specific density and temperature of the tested fuel. Then, the program goes on to the last part of the procedure which is sampling. The sampling involves taking samples that will be used for additional check of the qualitative properties of fuels in an appropriate accredited laboratory. The analyses of fuel quality are performed at the petrol station itself, and also in the laboratory, thus, ensuring the reliability of the sample and the checks.

Upon completion of the check and verification of the quality and quantity of fuels, the fuel dispensers on which the control is performed are marked with yellow label for guaranteed quantity that reads “Provereno”. Every petrol station that has successfully undergone the testing also receives a certificate.

In OKTA our customers can feel protected and confident about every liter!