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Fuel Canister

If you need to use fuel canisters, you should be aware that for your safety we fill up exclusively metal or plastic canisters that meet the specifications for transport of flammable materials and limit the risk of static electricity. We never fill up standard plastic canisters, water bottles and cans that cannot be sealed.

In case you do not own a fuel canister:
  • We recommend that you obtain a suitable canister from the shop at the petrol station
  • If you wish not to purchase an adequate fuel canister, you can borrow one from the petrol station

Safe transport of the fuel canister:
  • The fuel canister is transported in an upright position, safely housed inside the vehicle, in order to avoid the possibility of a rollover. During transport of the fuel canister make sure to provide fresh air in the vehicle (open the window of the vehicle) and drive slowly.
  • It is not recommended to transport the fuel canister in the vehicle trunk, because there is limited airflow and there is a risk of explosion.
  • If you transport the canister while you are walking, make sure you do not shake the canister/be careful not to shake the canister.