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OKTA is the largest fuel supplier in the country, covering the market needs with high-quality products that meet the latest local and European standards.
Established in 1978, the company is a leader in the field of trade, supply and distribution of oil derivatives in the region. As part of one of the biggest groups in the energy sector - the Helleniq Energy, OKTA is constantly introducing international skills, innovative solutions and cutting-edge technological trends.

Starting from January 2013, in response to the changes in the global oil market, OKTA has successfully transformed itself from a refinery into a fast-moving and client-oriented, logistics and trading company.

Through its wholesale activities OKTA serves a large portfolio of clients in the country and the region, from small enterprises to large industrial facilities and government institutions. Thanks to years of experience and leadership in the market, the company has developed a superb logistics system that enables rapid and reliable supply of fuel to its customers.

OKTA’s retail network consists of modern petrol stations spread throughout the country that offer high quality products and services to the end users.

In 2018, as a modern energy company, OKTA expanded its portfolio with production of electricity from renewable sources as well as supply and management of energy for its customers.  

Having safety as first priority, OKTA is committed to carrying on its business by acting ethically and responsibly towards society and the environment.