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Our vision & mission

Our vision

To be a regional energy hub with sustainable growth embedded in our strategy.

Our Mission "Energy for life"

То offer top quality products and services in the energy sector, serving our customers in the domestic and regional markets with efficiency and innovation.

Our Principles
    1. Safety is always our First Priority
    2. We offer Value to our Customers
    3. We operate Responsibly towards Society and the Environment
    4. We respect our Colleagues and Partners promoting Meritocracy, Teamwork, Innovation, Continuous Improvement and Results Orientation
    5. We invest for Sustainable Development
    6. We continuously enhance our competitiveness
    7. We apply high standards of Corporate Governance
    8. We create Value for our Shareholders and focus on the Continuous Improvement of our Results and Cash Flows

Our attributes
    1. Integrity
    2. Professionalism
    3. Commitment
    4. Judgment
    5. Initiative
    6. Extroversion