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The high-quality 98-octane unleaded gasoline is completely in compliance with the strict requirements of the latest European fuel quality regulations EN 228 and MKC EN 228. EUROSUPER BS 98 is designed for the new generation of vehicles and for the older cars as well, because it makes the engine faster and provides better accelerator pedal response. 

The main advantage of EUROSUPER BS 98, compared to EUROSUPER BS 95, is the higher level of octanes that gives the engine higher power, increases its efficiency and ensures stabile performances of the engine. Also, the use of this type of gasoline contributes to environmental protection by reducing the exhaust emission (contains up to 10 ppm of Sulphur, in accordance with the European standards).  

During the summer period, the fuel we offer has features designed for high outdoor temperature, while during the winter it is adapted to low outside temperatures.