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Campaign “I WATCH OUT”

Campaign for Raising Awareness of Traffic Safety “I WATCH OUT”

On March 24, 2017, OKTA officially launched its new campaign called “I WATCH OUT” intended for raising awareness of traffic safety. Through continuous activities, the company works to encourage a higher social awareness for the need of a personal and collective traffic safety. We contribute to creation of a sustainable culture for safer roads because we strongly believe in achieving our goal to reduce the number of traffic violations and accidents, which we witness daily.

The following activities have been realized under the umbrella of the campaign "I WATCH OUT":

  • During 2017, in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior Affairs, which indisputably joined the campaign, every month was dedicated to some of the most common traffic problems, such as, driving under the influence of alcohol, the necessity of protective helmets for motorcyclists, the use of a seat belt for the drivers, respect of the speed limits prescribed on traffic signs, use of child seats as well as adequate winter equipment. Many public figures took part in the monthly activities to help us expand our mission and enable as many citizens as possible to hear our message, our call for greater traffic safety. 
  • With a donation of educational traffic polygons to primary schools across the country, customized training, innovative coloring books with traffic rules informative contents, special shows organized for children on traffic safety, the youngest participants in the traffic were also include in the Campaign. 
  • In 2018, OKTA donated reflective pendants for better traffic safety of all first graders in Skopje. This activity encompassed about 7.000 first graders in 76 elementary schools.
  • In 2019, seven educational videos were created and promoted via social media, focusing on the most common causes for the everyday traffic accidents. The main goal of the activity was to inform the public about the threats caused by violating the traffic rules, as well as to encourage greater attention of all traffic participants through suitable video content.
  • OKTA donated push buttons by which the operation of the traffic lights on several crossroads on the major boulevards in Skopje is regulated. These modern mechanisms allow the pedestrians to activate the green light and safely cross the boulevard. The push buttons are installed on boulevards with high frequency where the increasing of the pedestrians’ safety is essential. 
  • In 2021 OKTA donated 50 devices for sound signalization of pedestrian crossings to the City of Skopje. The donation was aimed to support the visually impaired by facilitating their mobility in the traffic.
  • In 2022 OKTA donated financial funds for obtaining 10 driving licenses for the youths from the Association for children without parent control FOR YOU (4U)
  • In 2023 donation of equipment in the form of helmets, bells and lights for greater safety in the traffic for bikers and motorcyclists. The donation was made during the parade „I watch out and drive carefully “, organized in cooperation with the Republic Road Safety Council (RSBSP), Ministry of Internal Affairs, Faculty of Safety from Skopje, Red Cross and several bikers and motorcyclists’ organizations.

In 2017 OKTA’s campaign “I WATCH OUT” was declared the best national socially responsible practice in the category of community investment in large companies  аt the annual event organized by the Coordinating Body for Corporate Social Responsibility and the Ministry of Economy. The campaign has been set as the most effective and comprehensive in terms of the issues it deals with. “I WATCH OUT” was selected out of competition with 15 major companies with a total of 24 projects.

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